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What make us unique

You cannot resist the way in which India will astound you. She can easily mesmerize the world in such a way that influences and inspires humanity to expand and be dazzled by its beauty, the mystical in each creative expressions of life through religions, races,

and spoken language.

Signature Indian Cuisine is a restaurant in Whitby, Ontario serving a wide array of aromatic Indian favourites such as fresh butter chicken, tender chicken tikka, chicken/goat/lamb beef curry dishes and array of vegetarian including vegan and dairy free food.

Our chef decides all the ingredients that go into every dish. Love is the main ingredient, as he loves to cook and enjoys the evolution of each of his signature dishes. Apart from love, thought, time, and passion are the key ingredients required.

Carefully selected ingredients are sought out to prepare your food. Every dish is made to order, including breads that are made fresh daily from flour to dough, going into our big tandoor oven immediately after.


Our Service

Signature Indian Cuisine in Whitby, Ontario has been in operation for more than 12 years. 

We Welcome you

Proudly serving since 2008.

Customers Feedback

First I'll say we lived in England for a couple years so my wife and I know a good curry. This place is the best we've had since we returned. The food is excellent. 


Google Review

Very delicious meal! We had two dishes, an appetizer and some rice. Both left very satisfied with lots of extra food for tomorrow. Flavour was amazing, price was good and service was great as well.

Keith Wilson

Google Review

Best Indian food in Durham! Tried all new places but Signatures has great tasting curries and fresh bread. Enjoyed the food thanks again I ordered online and picked up courteous service and applause for the setup during this time. Highly recommended we will see you soon.

Jack Nu

Google Review

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